A peaceful panorama with a storied past.

Where the river touches the sand and meets the ocean – Welcome to Pannzian Beach. Located along the heart of Pasaleng Bay, you can experience the unique pleasure of living simply in our shores

Pannzian Beach is steeped in history,and our family, the Ortegas, have been part of that history for hundreds of years, passing on a legacy of unspoiled natural beauty and strong community values. Pannzian Beach still evokes the same peaceful atmosphere since the 18th century.

The warmest welcome.

We believe in giving our guests the same warmth that wee offer to our own family. At Pannzian Beach, we don’t have stern rresort managers, we have hosts and guides that are excited to serve you a hearty breakfast and give you tips about the best spots to visit in and around the resort.

Families with children of all ages will share the joys of simple, wholesome living in perfect harmony with nature.

Pannzian Beach is a place that we call home. We want you to be a part of it.