We want the senses of our guest to be cleansed and delighted. Pannzian’s food choices will surely satisfy the body and soul. Our belief is that in order for the body rejuvenate it must be nourished with meals prepared from the finest and freshest ingredients, and with love and care. You don’t have to stay at Pannzian to enjoy eating here – many of our guests come just for a meal.


Pannzian aim to keep out surrounding clean — that means guests are not allowed to prepare or cook food inside the resort. We also do now allow placing food in our refrigerators.

Pannzian Accepts payment in PHP cash or Visa / MasterCard. We can also accept USD or EUR. It is advisable to bring PHP cash, as few local businesses accept credit cards, and it is at least 30 minutes drive to the nearest bank branches.

Pannzian welcomes visitors whoe are not spending the night. Many come just to enjpy a meal at the Kayo restaurant. Access to the beach and other resort facilities is available for a Day Use Fee of PHP200 per person.